We are DWR Enterprises. What we do is offer a groundbreaking, turnkey renovation system for customers and investors. We provide everything from scratch and ensure the best value for properties of all stages. We are capable of handling any sized project you have, and will maximize the value of the property to a whole new level. As a principal, we never believe in guess work; we always believe in perfect planning and rely on our extensive experience.


Our solutions are enhanced by supplying and installing the finest quality materials and products. Property owners don’t have to make any additional purchase whatsoever in related to having the property renovated. Our hassle-free services include everything from the point of estimation to project completion. It is all about purchasing a comprehensive package and the realization of a miraculous end-result.

Our REO rehab services cover renovation solutions for the entire property including full interior remodeling of all areas and total exterior revamping and landscaping.. We are capable of providing totally customized solutions to match any property. All the REO rehab solutions we offer come with guaranteed satisfaction. As a principal, we take every measure to maintain our reputation for professionalism and reliability by providing the highest level renovation solutions.

As one of the most professional vendors in the industry of REO rehab, DWR Enterprises always takes every action required to guarantee an unmatchable return for the money our clients invest on our renovation projects. We take all the projects seriously regardless of the scale and the type; which is why each and every one of our projects ends in total success.

One of the most precious assets we possess is our team of designers. They are professional, innovative and creative with years of industry experience. These professionals offer highly practical solutions that increase the value of any existing property by a huge margin. Our REO rehab projects are perfect in functionality, include all modern renovation concepts, and are structured to maximize the effective consumption of energy. After all, we believe in a better world and a greener future.

Cost is a major factor when it comes to any REO rehab project. That is why we employ highly cost effective strategies during the renovation process. Although we try to maximize our cost effectiveness, we never compromise the quality of our projects. Durability, strength and elegance are obvious aspects of all the projects we complete, no matter what the scale of the job is.

We understand the needs of a modern fast paced environment, and complete our projects within a competitive time-frame (without compromising the quality of course). Every stage of our REO rehab projects is strictly supervised by our professional project manager to insure that we deliver exactly what we promised!