Renovation is just made simpler with DWR Enterprises. With the help of the expertise of our professional service crew, we will take your property to a whole new level adding the maximum value to it. Our systematic approach toward each project is a key factor for our success.

Worry Free Rehab System

Out main intention is to keep our investors in a worry-free mindset throughout each and every step of our rehab process. It is all about investing in a fully strategic and streamlined process that delivers results.

We Cover the Nuts and Bolts

Every renovation system we undertake will be carried out according to a step-by-step process. Our approach simplifies the process and keeps investors fully informed and gives them confidence in the outcome.

Detailed analysis of work:

After receiving the inquiry from your end (investor), we arrange a site visit. Before every renovation project, we do a thorough analysis of the work required in order to get the clearest picture. Details acquired at this stage become highly instrumental for all the other steps. Each and every aspect of the project will be determined based on these facts. The ideas of the investor are extremely important since we are a fully customer oriented firm. All of this information will be forwarded to our team of designers.

Preparation of line item estimate:

Preparation of line estimate is a key aspect of a methodical renovation system. Based on the information acquired at the previous stage, our experts will develop a comprehensive estimate and provide our investors a crystal clear idea about the overall project cost. We provide a precise estimation to the investors for them to be able to accurately prepare financially for the project and not have any surprises.

Taking photographs before the project begins:

We will photograph the entire site for future comparisons. All the key aspects will be recorded in the form of photos which will document the increase in value we have added to the respective property, as well as document the repairs and changes that we recommended in our estimate.

Presentation of work report:

A comprehensive work report will be prepared by our professionals to make things more transparent for the investor. All the key aspects and respective approaches will be mentioned in this report for the delight of the investor. This report comes with the signature of the respective project manager as an assurance that the work was completed to meet or exceed our rigorous standards.

Photographs of the completed project:

To provide confirmation of a job well done, we provide a series of photographs of the completed project. The investor has the fullest freedom of comparing the “before” and “after” situations with the help of these pictures to make sure they are completely satisfied.

12 month warranty:

As a quality assurance, we offer a comprehensive 12 months’ warranty that covers any and all work that was performed by our team.

We want to keep you involved throughout this process. When you invest in something, we know that you are not just financially invested. You can rest assured that we will treat this project as if it was one of our own. If you have any questions about our renovation process, please don’t hesitate to contact us.